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Shropshire Weavers

Fiona Nisbet

My Latest Creations

Bench runner on oak settle

Table and Bench Runners or they make lovely Wall Hangings

  Many different designs and colourways are possible.  

Bench runner or wallhanging Hobo on a hand dyed wool bench runner Table or bench runner Weavings just cut off the loom
Inkle woven ribbon

This colourful ribbon is woven on an Inkle Loom with fine mercerised cotton.  

Wire flowers

Wire flowers woven on the inkle loom

Yoga or pilates belts Yoga Belt

Yoga or pilates belts

Cotton and bamboo scarf

Cotton and bamboo scarf

Silk Scarves

Silk Scarves

Wool and Alpaca Scarf

Silk and Wool with rainbow dyed handspun Alpaca Scarf

Hand knitted and felted market bag.

100% wool

Market bag

Designing hand knitted cafetière cosies using hand-spun wool, with a hand-knitted i-cord button.

Plain weave Hebridean and Blue-faced Leicester wool fabric Twill weave woollen fabric Plain weave double cloth Shetland wool fabric Wool fabric on a loom

Woollen fabrics for blankets or rugs, upholstery and clothing

Heddle loom warped up Cones of shetland wool Wool shuttles Cloth sample Weaving

Cones of shetland wool

Shuttles wound ready for weaving sitting on my pattern book

Warp on the rigid heddle loom ready for weaving

Weaving in progress.  Weft colour order the same as the warp order - nearly!

Sample cloth off the loom

Weaving Shetland Cloth for waistcoats

Shetland wool waistcoat

Shetland wool waistcoat using a different colour combination

Warp on the warping mill

Fabric being woven on a 4-shaft table loom, using organic cotton and bamboo yarns.

Weaving reverse twill pattern Threading the warp through the heddles and the weave Plain weave Cones of organic cotton and bamboo and design source Cotton duffle bag made with this fabric and inkle woven ribbons

Duffle Bag

~Weaving with cotton

Hammock Bag

Finished bag with inkle braid drawstring With hammock inside Organic cotton yarns On the loom twill pattern Finished fabric

Planning and weaving the fabric

Lining the fabric with calico and cutting to size Pinning it together Fully lined and quilted Weaving the inkle braid

Constructing the bag.  The bag was reinforced with a calico lining, quilting them to maintain the shape and integrity of the woven fabric.  The fabric was then cut to shape and made into the bag, using the inkle braid for the drawstring.  It’s OK to cut your hand woven fabric - be brave!

~Weaving with cotton

Weaving the fabric with twill pattern

Horse’s Saddle Blanket

 This multicoloured warp was given a close sett (10 e.p.i with two strands of rug wool yarn per warp) to make a strong, dense fabric.

It’s a point twill threading which gives the fabric an interesting pattern using a contrasting weft yarn.

Saddle Bag to follow.......

Yarns with Phantom

Dressing the loom

- Weaving with Rug wool (80% wool/20% nylon)

Cyd's new saddle blanket Saddle pad in use

Choosing a weft colour

Weaving to the end of the warp

Finished fabric

Cutting the fabric off the loom

Watch on You Tube

Video of Fiona cutting the fabric off her loom